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 Yacht Tours and Blue Voyage 

We visit the most beautiful coastline and bays of our country with the 4 Nights 5 Days Blue Voyage Tour. While staying in our gulets in beautiful bays between Fethiye and Göcek, we enjoy the holiday and push the limits of entertainment. Tourbulance Blue Voyage will make you live a dream. Tourbulance Blue Tour, the only program among the Yacht Tours serving young people between the ages of 18-35, will make you feel full with our selected group of 16 young people. While tasting delicious seafood and sipping our drinks under the poetic beauty of the sunset, we will enjoy a dream-like holiday together under the stars.


Yat Turları, Yat Turu, Yat Kiralama, Mavi Tur, Mavi Yolculuk,
Yacht Tours 2021


During the Summer Youth Yacht Tours that will last 4 nights and 5 days, we explore the most beautiful bays of the Aegean together. Our route included in the yacht tour programs;


We are entering our boat from Fethiye harbor, which is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in our country, at 15:00. Our unforgettable Blue tour adventure begins with a welcome cocktail.


Gocek is the center of yachting and yacht tourism in Turkey, and its turquoise bays is waiting for us.


Oludeniz beach, the most beautiful beach in the world, is waiting for us. Our participants can do paragliding in Oludeniz if they wish.(Paragliding is not included in the price.)

Butterfly Valley

We enjoy the world famous Butterfly Valley and its wonderful beach, which can only be reached by sea. We will have the chance to see the waterfall and the valley within the Butterfly Valley.

Kabak Bay

In our Blue Voyage Tour programs, we explore Kabak Bay, famous for its yoga camps and ancient history, and its virgin beach.

Yat Turları, Yat Turu, Yat Kiralama, Mavi Tur, Mavi Yolculuk,
Yacht Tours 2021
Bedri Rahmi Bay

The bay was named after the famous painter Bedri Rahmi’s painting on a rock in 1974, visiting the bay. We are exploring the clean sea and the painting of Bedri Rahmi all together.

Cleopatra Bath Bay

The shipwreck of the bath built for her during the visit of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to the Mediterranean is located in the bay. Cleopatra Bath Bay is waiting for us with its wonderful sea and ancient history.


Shipyard Island 

Shipyard Island, Gocek’s largest island, has ruins from the Ottoman period. We discover the island all together.


Paradise Bay

With its pine trees and wonderful beach, Paradise Bay will show us that it deserves its name.

Included Prices


  1. 4 nights accommodation on the most beautiful and luxurious Gulets of Fethiye during the yacht tours,
  2. 2 or 3 person cabins with air conditioning, private shower and toilet,
  3. 4 breakfasts, 4 dinner ve 3 lunch,
  4. Soft drinks,
  5. Free WI-FI,
  6. All port taxes,
  7. Snorkel, flippers and fishing gear Şnorkel,
  8. Happy-Hour,
  9. Games and Water Sports

Not Included Prices


  1. Alcoholic beverages,
  2. Historical sites fees,
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Yacht Tours & Blue Voyage

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